Sing 6: Six Reasons To Visit Singapore, From Guam

Living on a small island can get a tad monotonous. Island fever is real, especially during the rainy season. There are plenty of places to travel from Guam but not all are easy nor cheap to fly to. Check out our Bali posts, and our Sing video. And keep reading to find out why you… Continue reading Sing 6: Six Reasons To Visit Singapore, From Guam


Bali 6 And Final Thoughts, From Guam

Day 6 On our last full day in Bali, Brain woke up with a rash on his arm and I could barely breathe. His rash could have been from a spider bite, or an allergic reaction. My allergies were caused by the dust in our hotel room. The previous night we switched the lights off… Continue reading Bali 6 And Final Thoughts, From Guam

Bali 4 and 5, From Guam

From Guam, travel can be a little complicated. We made it to Bali and our time was slowly coming to an end. By days 4 and 5 I was actually starting to miss Guam. Mainly I missed our bed back home but things on Bali were definitely becoming too routine and touristy for my liking.… Continue reading Bali 4 and 5, From Guam

Bali 3, From Guam

During day 3 in Bali we took several trips with our driver. We left around 8am and returned to our hotel after 6pm. Take a look at some of our photos from this busy day! Tegallalang Rice Terraces  Tukad Cepung and Tibumana Waterfalls YanYan Gold & Silver Smith Batuan Temple  Batur Natural Hot Spring Thanks… Continue reading Bali 3, From Guam

Bali 2, From Guam

We spent our second day in Bali re-organizing the mess that was our luggage, perusing the shops of Ubud and paying a visit to some mischievous monkeys at Monkey Forest. Our checked bags were checked and re-checked to the point where most of our clothes that hadn't been worn yet needed to be washed. And… Continue reading Bali 2, From Guam

Bali 1, From Guam

We planned to vacation in Cebu, Philippines, but due to certain military restrictions decided to spend Christmas this year in Bali. Brain's friends suggested it and said they had an amazing vacation in Ubud while staying at a 5 star resort. I'd like to start by saying, I bet they did. For nearly $500 dollars… Continue reading Bali 1, From Guam

Christmas Ornaments With The Kiddos, On Guam

Everywhere I look I see fairy lights and Santa hats. And at DFS mall in Tumon, small artificial trees outshine the makeup counters with tinsel,  ornate tree toppers and ornaments made by Guam's public school students, including those made by my class. The rules were simple: High Schools - Countries Elementary schools -  Guam legends… Continue reading Christmas Ornaments With The Kiddos, On Guam