The Most Beautiful Beach, On Guam

I must say, this beach is beautiful at all times of the day - rain or shine. Not having visited every beach on Guam yet, does make this post feel a tad premature. But what can I say, I felt inspired. It's a bumpy ride getting to Ritidian beach. And if you've managed to keep… Continue reading The Most Beautiful Beach, On Guam


Utilities, On Guam

It depends on family size and usage, but generally speaking, this is where we are able to save some money living off base. Your AC ¬†will make you feel dehydrated all the time, however, the alternative is worse. ¬†That being said, we turn all AC units off in the house when we're both at work… Continue reading Utilities, On Guam

Amazon Prime, eBay, and Mail, To Guam

  Even before moving to Guam we preferred to shop online. We hadn't a clue what to pack, but were told both Amazon and eBay would deliver to Guam. The truth is, Amazon will deliver, but don't expect to get free shipping with your Prime membership. eBay is hit and miss. Make sure you check… Continue reading Amazon Prime, eBay, and Mail, To Guam

Our First Boonie Stomp To Taga’Chang Beach, On Guam

Guam Boonie Stompers offers $2pp guided hikes that are rated Easy, Medium, Difficult and Extremely Difficult. Our first stomp seemed a bit unorganized, but I'm guessing it's because it was an easy one- lots of people, including children and dogs. The fact that it was the morning after the Liberation Day parade may explain our… Continue reading Our First Boonie Stomp To Taga’Chang Beach, On Guam

We LOVE Cup ‘N Saucer, On Guam

Whatever I write about this bakery and crepe cafe, surely will not do it justice. Every weekend, Brain and I take a break from cooking and indulge in one of Cup 'N Saucer's many delectable treats. At first we tried their ever popular cinnamon roll, made with cream cheese frosting and completely free of trans… Continue reading We LOVE Cup ‘N Saucer, On Guam