Adventures To Haputo and Umatac, On Guam

Haputo Beach is North and on a military installation. You'll need a military ID to access this beach. It's a little bit of a hike down, but nothing horrendous and the views are worth it. Like Spanish Steps, your first glimpses of sand and sea are a nice surprise. ..crystal clear water and pristine white… Continue reading Adventures To Haputo and Umatac, On Guam


Shipping Your Stuff, To Guam

This last month marked a year for us on Guam. A lot has happened. We've had a few ups and downs. Fortunately more ups than downs. It was around this time we were living in a hotel and expecting our luggage. Our car arrived the soonest, then we received our short-term luggage, filled with swim… Continue reading Shipping Your Stuff, To Guam

You Can Drink The Water (But I Wouldn’t) , On Guam

I've lived in a few countries where drinking the water is unheard of. Guam's water won't kill you, but the water authority has definitely added chlorine and other chemicals to keep you from getting sick. After speaking with some contracted engineers who worked on the pipes for Guam Water Authority, we were told how rusty… Continue reading You Can Drink The Water (But I Wouldn’t) , On Guam

Cell Phones And Service, On Guam

AT&T doesn't exist on Guam, neither does Verizon. The few providers you have to choose from are IT&e, Docomo and GTA. You can also purchase prepaid out here. Hubby and I decided to put our AT&T service on hold during the few years we will be here and signed up for GTA. Providers have plans… Continue reading Cell Phones And Service, On Guam

Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica and Pigo Catholic Cemetery, On Guam

  Brain and I aren't religious. So Easter for us was like any other Sunday here on Guam. We did decide however, to use the occasion to check out the grounds near our local church in Hagåtña. There is a strong Catholic presence on Guam...  many churches, chapels, and religious schools. We often see tourists… Continue reading Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica and Pigo Catholic Cemetery, On Guam

Weather And Custom Skincare, On Guam

March.... I guess the rainy season's over. I think it lasted from September to March which gives us 5 months of sunny beach time during the year. Update: rain and gloom for days after publishing this post. At least we didn't wash the car! Also, I've been told that rainy season is a few months… Continue reading Weather And Custom Skincare, On Guam

Adopt A Dog! On Guam

At some point last year my fourth grade students on Guam were compare/contrasting paragraphs from Old Yeller and Shiloh. Paragraphs,  because most schools here won't invest in literature other than outdated textbooks. Anyway, the topic of present day laws protecting animals from inhumane treatment was broached. And during that very brief conversation one student told… Continue reading Adopt A Dog! On Guam