We’ve arrived! On Guam.

Over 25 hours after leaving San Diego airport and we finally arrive on Guam.

Our mini Japanese Bento box supplied by Delta, wasn’t very filling. So we landed tired and famished. We arrived at one in the morning, which allowed us to go through customs and collect our bags quickly.


The airport itself has a very tropical feel. By tropical, I mean humid with colorful displays promising good times and friendly faces during your stay.   After collecting our luggage and being told no pictures in the airport, Brain and I were met by our sponsor who had been waiting for us an hour early.

Our evening drive to the extended stay hotel gave us a glimpse of what we had signed up for – rain, abandoned cars, trees, and some city lights in the distance. A half moon shone against black motionless water. I reminded myself to save first impressions for later.

Later presented itself after 5 hours of sleep,  as did the view from our hotel …


Boonie military tip:

Either make hotel reservations on base as soon as you get your orders, or wait until closer to your arrival time when they all fill up. That way there’s a chance you can stay in an approved hotel in town, closer to a plethora of restaurants and the beach. 


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